Your H2B may lift weights, but can he pull his weight for the wedding?

There are fewer projects that will create stress for a couple than planning a wedding. From the hundreds of choices to make on locations, venues, wedding party members, guest lists, colors & styles, dinners, events, menus, etc. to the delicate issues of seating plans and cutting down the invite list, things can easily become stressful.

Traditionally, the bride has taken on the lion’s share of this work, especially in the style department. Especially with Destination Weddings, couples are increasingly sharing the task list according to their time and talents.

Breaking up some of the planning areas is a good place to start. It will make doling out the work easier and allow you to gauge the amount of work required overall. Naturally, some things must be addressed by both of you such as the budget, location, accommodation, venue & honeymoon, ceremony elements, (especially if there are religious traditions involved) vows & speeches, seating plan sensitivities, and other delicate items.

Some areas you might break the planning into could be:

Travel: air & ground transportation & bookings

Budget Maintenance: keeping track of numbers and paying bills

Services: Working with the wedding planner, photographer, videographer, music/entertainment, catering & menu

Invitations: Once they are sent, keeping track of RSVP’s & being in charge of thank you’s

Travel: flights and ground transportation for your site visit, stag and stagettes if they require travel, wedding and honeymoon

Related parties: engagement, bridal shower, rehearsal or welcome dinner, brunch, gift opening, etc.

Style: rings, invitations, dresses, groomswear, wedding décor, cake, florals

Health & Beauty: Fitness & diet plans, beauty treatments at home and at the destination, stress-busting!

External Communications: wedding website, keeping family, wedding party members and guests up to date on such things as weather, flight delays etc.

Gifts: wedding party, flower girls etc.

It’s a good idea to set aside regular times to discuss progress on all elements of the planning, otherwise, it can occupy a great deal of your free time and become the topic of most conversations, which can lead to burnout and disagreements. Check out our wedding planning process. 

Always be sure to reward yourselves after the meeting with a nice dinner or fun activity to help keep the romance alive!

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