What you need to know is this. I’m not like most brides…

Most people would be surprised how often we hear this statement from a new client!

There are many couples who love classic, traditional wedding styles and decor, and whose biggest style decision is the accent color. The bride will walk down the aisle on the arm of her father, to the tune of the classic Wedding March. The couple will have a rectangular head table at the reception, and a three level wedding cake with a plastic bride and groom on the top. It will be their perfect wedding dream come true!

Increasingly, couples are choosing to express their own styles, both as individuals and collectively. The industry does a great job of developing and interpreting style trends, and many couples can easily find what they like within the confines of such style trends as vintage, romantic, rustic, modern, casual or whimsical. Smaller wedding planning companies follow suit by offering one or two of these trends that become their trademark styles, and everyone goes along happily.

What happens, however, when the couple like a variety of styles? How about when they don’t like any of the trends? What if they like really unusual things? Can a couple design their own wedding from scratch?

Our definition of tragic is when a couple settles for anything less than exactly what they want because their venue or planner simply can’t accommodate their ideas.

Well, we can. For fun, we decided to do a style mash-up. We wondered what it would look like to have a beach wedding with lots of greenery. We imagined what would happen if hot jewel tones came in sparkles. Could a chapel ceremony work with a metallic theme? Whimsical on a farm? Check out some style mash-up ideas!

It turns out a lot of you loved the looks. The idea was just to break free of trend thinking and invite couples to dream. From mind-blowing effects, installations and settings to custom linens, there is no style dream Del Cabo Weddings in-house team can’t make come true!

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