What are the Legalities of a Destination Wedding in Cabo?

The “red tape” for getting married in Mexico is similar to that of the US or Canada, the significant difference being that you must have several documents validated at the nearest Mexican consulate in your country before you bring them to Mexico. Many couples choose to conduct a Symbolic Ceremony here in Mexico void of religious and legal requirements and are married in a civil ceremony either before or after the actual Mexico ceremony.

Here are the basic requirements:

  • A current passport as proof of ID and marital status for both parties.
  • A copy of both parties’ birth certificates.
  • A tourist immigration card (received upon arrival in Mexico) or visa.
  • The names, addresses, nationalities, occupations, and ages of both parties’ parents.
  • Four witnesses (these can be provided by a wedding planner for an extra fee). The witnesses will also need to provide their names, addresses, occupations, ages and photo ID.
  • You will require a health certificate and blood test for both parties that must be done in Mexico.

Also, previously married couples need verification that a minimum of one full year has elapsed from the date of one of the following:
Divorced? The Final dissolution of marriage must be verified with a certified copy of the final divorce decree.
Widowed? This must be verified with a certified copy of the spouse’s death certificate.

Typically, two to four days must be spent in Cabo San Lucas to complete the requirements, although less time may be required when a wedding planner is involved. Ahem, hello Del Cabo Weddings…

There are many more reasons to plan your wedding in Cabo, but we’re too busy planning weddings right now to think of any more. Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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