We’re Engaged! Wait – Now What?

Congratulations on your new status! The holidays are such a wonderful time to take this new step in life and share it with family and friends, who are often nearby during the holidays. Apart from the romantic fireplaces and lights that make the season so beautiful, heightened family emotion and a sense of ritual can make your grand gesture feel even more impactful than it already is.

So, let’s get this all over social media already! This is big fun, but don’t forget to inform your closest family and friends in a more personal way first. Sharing can be done in many ways… Especially with older relatives, it can be upsetting to find out your big news from someone other than you. Once you are certain the big news has gone “viral” within your closest family and friends circle, go nuts!

Next, before you start going all “wedding planny,” as relatives and friends have a tendency to encourage, make sure you take some time to just relax and breathe your way through this phase. Your relationship will never be exactly the same again and this is the perfect time to celebrate what makes the two of you, the two of you! Some couples have an engagement party at this point to share their joy, especially if the wedding date could be some time away.

It’s important to spend time just discussing how your dream wedding should feel, for both of you, before going much further forward. It’s easy to find all kinds of “steps to planning a wedding” information online, but once details start emerging, you can be easily swayed by images and styles of other people’s weddings, that, although gorgeous, may not be the right fit for both of you. Well-meaning relatives and friends will offer their suggestions and opinions and it can be hard to stay true to your own – or even remember them, as plans unfold! You may plan a wedding with an amazing dress, beautiful decor, flowers, and music but if it doesn’t feel like a heartfelt expression of the two of you, all of those things will be meaningless.

Figuring out your own personal style and working to blend and/or complement that of your partner can be a truly difficult exercise. This is where the first planning steps kick in – budget and location. Destination weddings have become a great option for couples who want to spend less on a large number of guests and more on creating their own unique and personal time with the closest of family and friends.

According to a study by Destination Wedding experts, IADWP (International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals, formerly Mewedd), Los Cabos is the number one option when choosing a luxury wedding in Mexico. This is no surprise. It’s in the way the soft sea breezes cool the spectacular dessert meadows and cliffs. It’s in the warmth of the unfailing sunshine and twinkle of a million stars at night. Romance is always in the air in Los Cabos! In more practical terms, Cabo is also a convenient and close destination, with more than 518 weekly flights from more than 40 destinations.

Now, what about that personalization? What many couples are surprised to discover are the startling number, quality, and variety of venues, from resorts and beaches to chapels, stunning private cliffside villas, yachts, and even romantic farm sites. Whatever the feeling you seek is, it can be created here, in any number of interesting and stunningly beautiful locations.

Your celebration may also require special ceremony considerations. It is helpful to have access to fully certified master wedding planning in every possible wedding ceremony and celebration discipline, including Jewish, Roman Catholic, Green, Same-sex, or that of any region or religion in South Asia.

This is a good time to discuss using a wedding planner for your Cabo wedding. For example, you will need to know which resorts impose wedding guest restrictions. Big-ticket items such as menu choices and vendors can make a huge budget impact, and they can really vary. Should your legal proceedings be done in Mexico or back home? Only an expert in Cabo weddings can provide in-depth advice on these things, and also streamline every single detail.

We have outlined the Del Cabo Weddings planning process to help you with each and every planning step, from uncovering what your personal wedding feeling is, all the way to sharing your magnificent wedding day with you. Hop over to our wedding planning process page for all the details!

Each and every one of the hundreds of couples we have had the pleasure to work with will tell you Cabo was the best wedding destination they could have chosen and Del Cabo Weddings was a big part of the reason!



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