The Cabo Guide to Choosing Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

So, you found the perfect Cabo destination dream wedding dress, something light, flowy, sexy, elegant, sophisticated and comfortable. Now you need to find dresses for your girls! No matter whether you have 2 or 20 bridesmaids, finding dresses that fit your style vision and flatter each attendant can be quite a challenge. 

When you were choosing your Cabo destination wedding dress, you will have already considered the formality of the venue you have chosen, the best fabric type, packing and transport issues, as described in our blog, the Top 7 Tips on Choosing a Cabo Destination Wedding Dress. Here is a quick guide to choosing the perfect Cabo destination bridesmaid dresses.

Consider Color

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone looked terrific in all color shades and hues? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. However, some colors are a bit more universal and work with most skin and hair types. If you are working with pink, consider shades such as quartz, ballet, and blush. Blue? Try shades ranging from navy to marine. Even reds can sometimes work apple or wine hues. Love purple? Try eggplant or plum.

One trend we love is choosing a mix and match bridesmaid dress color palette, originating from your overall color family. One good example is grey and shades such as mercury, mystic and graphite. This system works well with almost any color you choose for your destination wedding.

Style & Cut Choices

If you want to go with one shape, neckline and fabric dress style and hope to flatter the for all your bridesmaids, the same universal rule we discussed in color also applies. Generally, A-line dress styles are the most flattering to all body types as they accentuate the waist and gradually widen over the hips, but for a more laid back beach celebration, some brides might find this bridesmaid dress style too formal.

Ruffles that move beautifully with the sea breezes can be a nice choice. V-necklines tend to be flattering to everyone, and spaghetti strap dresses that are tailored or have adjustable straps can provide a comfortable and flattering fit.

The Fabric

In a warm, sunny desert climate such as Cabo, looser fitting fabrics are not only beach beautiful, they are comfortable and “fresh” as they say in Mexico. Anything that is more fitted and has layers will sometimes cause the bride or bridesmaid to overheat. Great choices can include chiffon, organza, silk, charmeuse or cotton.

Whatever direction you choose to go with your bridesmaid’s dresses, if they reflect how you feel about your day and experience, everything is going to look perfect. Many brides work with a highly experienced Cabo destination wedding planner from day one, allowing one unified theme to curate the entire wedding in glorious harmony!




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