Top 7 Tips on Buying a Cabo Destination Wedding Dress

Trying on wedding dresses is one emotional activity that can lead to impulse buying. Before you venture out on this exciting shopping adventure, consider the following seven tips, an express version of our Don’t mess with the dress blog, that can save you disappointment later.

1. Venue before Dress

It’s best to confirm your venue before buying your dress since resorts, hotels and villas in Cabo have many different styles.

2. Fabric

For Cabo, choose a light, breathable fabric such as chiffon, charmeuse, or cotton.

3. Keep it Casual

Choose a casual dress that will flow softly over the lines of your body, long or short.

4. Packing

Choose a dress that can roll and pack in carry on, or buy a seat for your dress, NEVER use checked luggage. 

 5. Heels 

High heels and sand don’t mix. Consider wearing flat shoes, jewelled sandals, or bare feet!

6. Strappy Styles

White spaghetti straps with a low cut back look amazing in tropical settings!

 7. Unveil it!

Avoid accessories that might blow around or even away with the wind, including long veils or trains.

With the popularity of Cabo San Lucas destination weddings and the multitude of warm weather wedding dress styles available, you can easily make your wedding dress dream come true while ensuring you have a stress-free day.

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