Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner and Not Rely on a Coordinator

It can be challenging to find the time and resources needed to plan a destination wedding. Why should you hire an independent wedding planner rather than merely rely on a venue’s coordinator?

1. Venue Variety

Most venues employ a staff member to help arrange weddings that are being held at their property. Independent wedding planners have the freedom to work with ALL venues in the area and know the advantages and drawbacks of each one.

2. Ceremony Types

High-level planners are highly trained in planning religious, legal, symbolic, eco-friendly, green, same-sex, South Asian, Jewish, Muslim, vow renewals, and many more ceremony and event types. They travel the globe attending training, industry events, and immersing themselves in art and style.

3. Vendor Choice

Most venues are under contract with their own preferred vendors, and if you want any different vendors, you have to pay a special fee to bring them in. Independent planners work with a variety of venues and vendors throughout the region and know the quality and capacity of each to help you choose.

4. More Decor

Venues generally have limited decor choices and turn to one-stop-shop design and decor companies to rent unique decor items for your event – on your bill and potentially inflated. The same goes for customization that requires professional planners, designers, tech staff, architects, tailors, landscapers, and carpenters.

5. More Time for You

Independent wedding planners give each couple the time and attention they deserve and take on a limited number of weddings per year.  Their time is best spent working with you, meticulously personalizing and executing your bespoke wedding, rather than hurriedly planning dozens of similar looking events.

Not only do you deserve to plan the wedding of your dreams; you also deserve to enjoy it! The best part of an independent wedding planner’s job is making that happen.

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