Although stressful at times, there are few more exciting things in life than planning your wedding. From the dreamy visuals of flowing dresses or tuxes, beautiful landscapes & venues, floral creations, color palettes to the stirring sounds of amazing music choices and vows, to mouth-watering gourmet tasting adventures, wedding planning pursuits are an absolute cornucopia of sensory delight.

To the couple, the entire world will focus on you for a short time and it’s normal and fun to get caught up in thinking of how beautiful and perfect all those feels will be and forget to spend some time thinking about the “S” word. No, we’re not talking about stomach problems or annoying relative, we mean SAFETY!

Imagine the recent wedding for 300 guests where during the romantic first dance a blaze, which started in a ceiling display and went on to engulf the entire hall, forced the couple and their guests to flee the burning building. The disaster was blamed on a ’pyrotechnic fault.’ Luckily no lives were lost, but you can imagine the effect this incident had and will have on what should have been beautiful memories for the couple as well as their guests.

Good wedding planners factor safety into each and every detail, and we’ve amassed a few tips to get you thinking in the right direction.

Wedding Safety Tips


  • All brides or grooms to be want to look their best and healthiest, but often end up crash dieting right before the wedding. Instead, start sooner than later, eating smaller food portions made up of fresh foods. Become physically active and commit to your goal.
  • Be sure to put together our Wedding Day Emergency Kit that will include emergency information.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water, it is easy to forget on the big day especially. Dehydration will not be your friend, especially if alcohol will be consumed.
  • Find out about mosquitoes, flies, and ticks and make sure you and your guests will not be bothered by them.
  • Suggest your guests add travel health & safety insurance to their travel plans as should you.

Food & Beverage 

  • If health is important to you, consider serving healthy meals and snacks to your wedding guests. Add seasonal fruit or vegetables, low-fat snacks, and low-calorie drinks or desserts.
  • Discuss food safety with your caterer or venue to ensure they follow strict practices.
  • Especially with buffet service, ensure the food stays fresh. Make sure your caterer lists the ingredients in each dish and post the list beside each item so people with allergies can avoid triggers.
  • On that note, be sure you and your caterer are aware of all guest allergies in advance. Consider putting out the question on RSVPs.
  • Ensure your bartender has been trained to serve alcohol responsibly – hotels and resorts will already have this in place. If alcohol will be served at the wedding or other activities, be aware of how much you and others are drinking. Consider appointing a friend or family member to deal with tipsy guests.


  • So many brides opt for trendy heels to compliment their dresses but tripping during your walk down the aisle or snappy dance moves, especially after a glass of wine, won’t be pretty. Opt for comfort and safety, people will be looking up at your beaming face, not your fancy feet!
  • Be sure to walk all your venue areas carefully before your events, making note of steps or potential hazards.
  • Ensure there is taxi service or designated drivers before the event if transportation will be needed.
  • Always wear your seatbelt while riding in a motor vehicle, this is also the law in Mexico. Talking or texting on your phone is also a big no-no!


  • Be careful how candles are placed so as not to burn anyone or set anything on fire. We recommend electric candles in all cases. Place other decorations in such a way so as not to increase the risk of injury.
  • Don’t play with fire with such things as Asian fire lanterns.
  • Fireworks must be carefully controlled. Professional Fireworks companies are the only ones who should ever perform them, NEVER let a well-meaning guest start shooting off bottle rockets or other over-the-counter fireworks at a wedding reception. Like the fire lanterns above, you don’t know where they’re going to land. Or who they may hit.


  • If you have kids at your wedding, ensure they are monitored by babysitters at all times, especially in pool and beach access areas, allowing their parents some time to enjoy.
  • Your venue should monitor any use of glass beverage containers near swimming pools, especially when alcohol is consumed.
  • In addition, and as crazy as it may sound, drunk wedding guests frequently attempt to dive, flip or push people into the pool during the party so require supervision themselves, glass or no glass.


  • Consider how much sun you will get and discuss sunscreen with your makeup artist. Make sure you drink water often before, during and after wedding activities.
  • Ensure your guests will have access to shade and water at all times.

Boring as it may seem, “Just in Case” is sexier than “I wish I had.”

As one of the most popular destination wedding locations anywhere, Los Cabos boasts numerous sophisticated venues with world-class services & amenities. The chances of having a mishap are minimal, but you still need to prioritize the well-being of yourself and your guests. The best way to ensure nothing is overlooked is by using a highly qualified wedding planning service. Wanna chat about it? 



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