The Top 5 Ways NOT to Become a Bridezilla Control Freak

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting adventures many people will ever have. Publicly declaring your love and commitment to your partner and showcasing what the two of you are all about is deeply personal and no one wants to get it wrong.

The planning starts out very visual, imagining what the various elements could look like. The further the plan goes; however, about a million details begin to emerge that will either lead towards the vision or not. Even those who aren’t usually Type-A’s can slip into manic mode easily when so much hope and emotion are at stake. Make no mistake – we aren’t talking about caring genuinely about how all the details come together for your big day. The CFB red flag starts waving when every single detail takes on far greater importance than necessary, and the bride’s tight grasp starts to squeeze everyone, eventually spiraling out of control.

Who is at highest risk for becoming a CFB? How about the girl who has been planning her wedding long before the official engagement, maybe even before the actual boyfriend. She will have dropped dozens of hints to her future H2B, such as sharing ring, dress and honeymoon boards on Pinterest. Once officially engaged and into planning mode, she updates her social media pages continuously with every new decision, many of which are as minor as the font for the invitations or flavor of the cake. She becomes obsessed with perfection and begins to believe nothing is possible without her doing it herself. Add the element of absence when planning a Cabo destination wedding and the potential for panic can rise even higher.

Weddings are emotional business, and keeping cool heads during the planning process will benefit everyone involved. Here are our five favorite ways to help circumvent this situation.

1. Find a Great Cabo Wedding Planner

A wedding should not be a learning experience, where mistakes along the way are like a play, merely practicing up for the real show. You do need to get it right the first (and only) time, a factor that throws many brides into CFB mode. Hiring a professional, certified Los Cabos wedding planner who knows everything about planning, timing, and attention to detail can eliminate needless hours of stress.

As soon as your planner fully understands your vision, budget, and timeline, they can assist with finding suitable vendors, reviewing and adjusting contracts, and acting as a liaison between the bride and all hired professionals. Although professional Los Cabos Wedding Planners will already have a relationship with most vendors, they are still a neutral third party who will not shy away from exercising their professional opinion – minus the emotion the bride will be dealing with.

“Your Del Cabo Wedding Planner IS a Control Freak, so you don’t have to be…”

Although immersed in details, the planner’s experience allows them to remain focused on the big picture without obsessing over one or two details – they know exactly how to juggle all the balls in the air. Their ultimate goal is to create a custom dream wedding while allowing the couple to enjoy it rather than stress over details before, on the big day, and even afterward.

Finally, be sure to hire your wedding planner early on in the process. Once you have made numerous arrangements and then realize you are in over your head, it takes a great deal of time for a newly hired planner to understand and potentially unweave existing threads. They absolutely can do it, but it can waste valuable time, especially close to the date.

4. Hire Quality Vendors

Although your Cabo Wedding Planner can suggest a variety of experienced, high-quality vendors, you will still need to decide which ones you want to hire. You, together with your planner, can ensure the vendors you choose will be the perfect fit for your plans. Remember, just because a vendor has a flashy website doesn’t mean they have the experience and strong relationships with local Cabo venues that will be needed.

Once your vendors are secured, and your plans begin to unfold, avoid emailing, calling or texting your vendor without having your planner involved to avoid scattered communications and to help keep everyone on the same page.

3. Choose Tasks to Delegate

Although you can trust the lion’s share of details to your wedding planner, there will still be smaller, more personal tasks that your family, wedding party and friends would love taking on.

Your future mother or father-in-law may love to head up the rehearsal dinner, for instance, a traditional role for the parents of the groom. Although your set up and colors will shine through, having one or both of them lead the way will make them feel included and create one less task for you. Read more about this in our Mother or Monster-in-law blog.

Your attendants could be asked to assist with RSVP’s, creating seating charts (once you’ve chosen the seating of course) or putting together that all essential wedding day emergency kit.

4. Involve your H2B

Not all guys love digging deep into wedding planning details, but the bride’s non-controlling attitude can help him find meaningful ways to contribute and be a part of what is his wedding, too.

From travel planning to family communications, there are numerous areas that the bride can happily let go of and ensure her H2B feels included.

How about buying the groomsmen gifts? Together you can determine the budget, then figure out your groomsmen’s style and personality, find a theme, and validate his ideas. You can give him ideas, but you should have him make the decision on what kind of gifts.

A general word to the wise: Be sure to provide him with a list of tasks with deadlines just so he can more easily stay on top of the job. Check out a few more ideas on our H2B blog.

5. Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

At the end of the day, people tend to come through for you when they know how much you appreciate their efforts, especially when they are being done on your behalf.

Especially if one of your delegates falls behind on a task or makes an error, it will be tempting to unleash your personal bridezilla who will need to take over and freak out all over them. Handling the situation with poise, gratitude, and kindness (knowing everyone is busy) will go a long way to repair what could have been a damaging relationship moment.

We won’t lie, there will inevitably be a few stressful times during the wedding planning process that would try anyone’s patience. Just remember there is someone (a tribe, actually) in Cabo that could easily be looking out for you every step of the way. Find out how!




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