The “Skinny Confidential” on Celebrity Lauryn Evart’s Del Cabo Wedding

I met Lauryn Evarts and her (then) fiancee Michael Bosstick last November when they were in Los Cabos preparing for their upcoming wedding. As we all know, there are many good-looking people in this world. Then, there are these two! Once I recovered from the shock of their collective, eye-popping gorgeousness, I began to wonder if I might be about to deal with a couple of Celeb-zillas…

That concern turned out to be more than a little off base. Let’s be clear here – this is a So-Cal power couple. Lauryn is the founder of The Skinny Confidential lifestyle blog, a best-selling author and mega online influencer, with close to a MILLION social media followers. Michael is a super successful entrepreneur and online marketing expert. The last thing I expected was to meet a pair of authentic, grounded, girl & boy next-door types, but that’s exactly what happened.

I have also learned if you don’t want a genuine and “major realness” answer from Lauryn – don’t ask her a question! I spoke with her recently about their entire wedding planning process and resulting four-day wedding celebration.

Karen: What made you and Michael decide on a destination wedding in Los Cabos?

Lauryn: Do you want the quick answer or the long answer? The quick answer is we wanted a very, very small wedding to curate the wedding we wanted. The longer answer is that Cabo is a really special, special place to us. There’s something really magical about it and there’s something magical about the people, too. So whenever I go down there I always say this, I feel like there’s Zanex in the air, it’s just that the energy is so right. And when I got married I wasn’t a super Bridezilla person but I did want to get married in a space where everyone had really good energy.

What I noticed about a lot of people’s weddings was that they put so much energy and effort into rentals and everything towards it and then they get to the wedding and the energy’s really off. The bride’s stressed it’s not the experience they envisioned. The number one priority of my wedding was to have the energy “on” and I really do think we accomplished that. We accomplished that because of you guys; you made the whole process of getting everything ready in a short amount of time very easy.

We also accomplished that through Palmilla, it’s like the most amazing hotel in the whole world. They were so accommodating and by bringing the right kind of people, no one that was toxic, I feel like we had a formula for success in regards to energy and the right people, the right space, the right decor company, it was just really about the energy. I had people come up to me after our wedding and say “That was the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to and it didn’t even feel like a wedding – it felt like a party,” and that’s exactly what I wanted. My mission was so accomplished when I heard that because we didn’t want it to feel “all about us,” we wanted to make it about our guests. At the same time, we wanted to enjoy it and have a really good flow of energy. There was one night where I “blacked out,” that was the night before the wedding and that was just attributed to Tequila and Mexico and stress and not eating, but it turned out to be funny and became a joke throughout our wedding! I would say that ultimately getting away and bringing the right people and the right place and the right vibe and decor and the right energy together was what we wanted to accomplish, and I do feel like we did that in Cabo.

Karen: You are well known for your goth and contrast style tastes. How did you translate that into the decor inspiration for your four distinct wedding events?

Lauryn: I really beat to the tune of my own drum, I have always done that and I don’t focus on what other people are doing. I don’t care what is traditional, I don’t care what color I’m supposed to wear, if I need something blue, or whatever that saying is, that is just not like me. I like to do things on my own terms and so when we were getting married there was never a thought to go on Pinterest and see what other people were doing. It was kind of like, I wanted to do it my way. To be really blunt, I don’t care what other people do, I don’t care what the tradition is, I don’t care that you are supposed to do this dance with this person, I just wanted it to reflect Michael and me.

White was way too feminine for me. I have a very, very masculine side of me with masculine energy and so black was just always “it” and I didn’t know how I was going to interpret that.  One day I was shopping in New York, actually in Tom Ford, and I saw these gorgeous black flowers which were the black Calla Lily, and you know, immediately it was like, this is it and my wedding needs to be all around this flower! So from the invitations to the end, it was about that flower, and when I worked with you guys, Del Cabo, you knew – even the chairs were like lucite black, you guys knew I wanted a very dark feel and again, I feel like we accomplished that. A lot of dark candles, I worked closely with the rental companies, with the girl that was helping me design the tables to just really have that black dark Gothic feel. She put super tall, extravagant feathers, I wanted it to feel very much like Alice in Wonderland, but dark, so everything was very high. A lot of people were like “You can’t talk across the table!” and I was like, “I don’t care!” I wanted it so exaggerated, so intense, in fact, I was up, getting ready, and I kept saying “higher!” I wanted tons of candles to the point where it was just absurd, but I wanted a kind of absurdity. I just feel like everyone in Cabo, again, worked together to really give me that masculine/feminine type of wedding that was on my own terms.

Karen: You have blogged about your jam-packed and highly organized lifestyle. In spite of this, you claim on your blog to have been the “biggest wedding procrastinator ever,” who “lost her shit” three days before the wedding. What happened?

Lauryn: I wouldn’t call myself organized, I would call myself chaotic – I’m very chaotic and in that chaos, I’m organized in my head. So to me, it looks organized but to other people, I don’t think they would say it’s organized. I mean, my house is very organized and OCD but as far as my life goes, it’s chaotic. So with the wedding, I didn’t want to think about the wedding until I HAD to think about it. So, I noticed that a lot of girls who are getting married immediately start planning. I was not like that, I was like, I’m going to put this off, in my head, until I absolutely have to think about it. I work really, really well-utilizing procrastination.

The way I do the Skinny Confidential is that I literally wait until the last minute of the day, which is like eleven thirty at night, and I’ll work until one in the morning, it’s how I work. I don’t really think I’m organized, it just makes sense to me, maybe not to other people, when it’s chaotic. I really was laid back because Michael, my husband, has seen other people get engaged and is actually now impressed about how laid back I was. I don’t think I talked about the wedding for four years, until the last two months before we got married. And I really think that’s because I am so business oriented and I spend so much time, effort, and energy on my business that the wedding was kind of like, I don’t want to say an afterthought, but it was hard to take my eye off my business and put it on the wedding. The wedding did become almost a part of my business because I blog about my lifestyle, so in knowing that, I knew that I needed to focus on the wedding the last two months. It was going to be showcased on the blog and it was important that the wedding would be cohesive with the Skinny Confidential because you know, that is my life – I showcase my life. Of course, we had our private moments, things that we kept personal and off the blog, but, a lot of that was on the blog.

So, going back to your question, I waited until the very last second, of course, two months before, started planning and the day before had a meltdown because I was not eating as much as I was used to, like a lot of brides, and it was just like I left everything to the last minute and I exploded! But again, it gave the wedding character and I blogged about it and I was very honest and open about it. I think that a lot of brides later emailed me and said: “Guess what, I lost my shit before the wedding too!” I think that the beauty of it was that it wasn’t all perfect, perfect, perfect, but it was perfect for us in our own way, it added dimension and depth.

Karen: Your celebrations were attended by fifty of your closest family and friends. What did they rave most about after the fact?

Lauryn: Everyone raved about the fact that it was not so “weddingy,” you know, it wasn’t so bridal, it was fun, it was light. The energy was just SO on. We would wake up and there was no set itinerary, kind of like we’re all at the hotel, we’ll have a couple of drinks, be here at this time. It was very, very chill, relaxed and laid back. I think that so many of my friends are used to going to weddings where it’s stiff and I don’t mean that to be mean, I’m just saying, it’s so planned and it’s so traditional, and that’s fine if that works for other people, but like I always say, you’ve got to do what works for you. But for me, I wanted to get married in fifteen minutes and then I wanted to party! I wanted the wedding to feel almost like two guys were getting married if that makes sense, you know, like very light, nothing too much, very laid back, very chill.

Everyone came up to me afterward and said what a beautiful time they had, and how different the wedding was than anything they’d ever been to.  I should also mention this, as it was very important, our friend married us, and Del Cabo did a beautiful setup, it was very simple but beautiful and to the point. The second everyone sat down, our guests were handed Margaritas. The second we were married, fifteen minutes later, they were handed champagne, I wanted everyone to just enjoy it. We wrote our own vows, nothing was the way other people would do it, we just really talked about what we wanted to talk about. It wasn’t religious, it was just very much us, our friend married us, it was quick, it was “kiss the bride” and then it was straight to the Tequila Bar!

Karen: How about you and Michael? It sounds like you had a lot of fun as well, once the “shit losing” was over! What was your absolute wedding highlight?

Lauryn:  My absolute wedding highlight was being able to bring everyone I love so much to one spot.

That was the most special moment to have everyone I care about, that I know has the best intentions for Michael and me, in one spot. What was so great, since my whole life is like Snapchat, and then Instagram, and then blogging, and at the wedding we were like, “Guys, put away your phone, let’s keep it off social media,” and everyone was so respectful of that, and just put their phones away. They’re really our “ride or die” friends, so that was really special, and I feel like I’ve talked about that a lot and I’m going to talk about a couple of details.

Details were, you know, the night before my best friend flew down early, and we went to Flora Farms which is a beautiful farm with rescue dogs, and Arugula Pizza, and Carrot Margaritas, and this really spectacular vibe with Bossanova music. The second day was rest and relax and we welcomed everyone, and we played my cousin’s band on Spotify, and it was very intimate. The day after that was the rehearsal dinner and we just let everyone chill and relax by the pool, and we really said to them, go have your own experience. I don’t need to have everyone fawning over me or make it all about me, me, me, I really wanted my dad and my sister and her fiancé have an experience within our experience. So, some people went to the pool and other people had a great lunch at Palmilla and everyone was kind of doing their own thing.

Then at night, we met up, that’s the night I got too drunk, it was kind of a “shit show!” In the morning we woke up and my girlfriends were in the room, and it was so chill, champagne and eggs and everyone did their own thing. None of my friends are drama, it was all just very relaxed and Michael and I both wanted to walk down the aisle and there were no jitters. We’ve been together so long, we’ve known each other since we were twelve, so it was just very very laid back.

The next day we woke up, we had the Hangover Brunch. We got to bring all the decor from the wedding into this beautiful ocean-front room and we had green juice, Mimosas, Kombucha and got to enjoy the beautiful Calla Lillies from the night before. We had waffles, hangover food, and pancakes.

From there a couple of our really good friends stayed and we went to the Office which was so cool because it appears to be like this dingy bar, kind of like a dive style bar, and it’s so opposite of Palmilla. What I loved most about it was we can take our friends to Palmilla and we can take them to the Office and it’s still the same magical experience and it really was just fun. That’s the word I would use to describe it, such a boring word but it was fun!

Karen: If you had three pieces of advice for a couple planning a Los Cabos wedding, what would they be?

Lauryn: My first piece of advice is to definitely stay at the establishment that you’re going to get married at first and feel it out, I think that’s really important in picking the right vibe. I’m all about the vibe and all about the energy, which is why I picked Palmilla, it’s such a magical place. The staff is one of a kind, they have everything from popsicles the second you arrive, to foot massages at the pool – five-star service all around. Their Hibiscus Margaritas, their salsa, everything is just done right.  Definitely look into the establishment that you’re staying at before you decide to take the plunge.

The second one would definitely be to find a good team down there. I think it’s really important when you’re dealing with someone in a destination wedding, you don’t know them, maybe, so you’re dealing with them over the phone  – it’s really important to do your research and find a good team. I had Esoteric Events, Kristin from California, help me with the layout, and then Del Cabo to help me get all the decor and get everything together. I actually had no idea that there was so much that went into the decor, from everything like candle holders to chairs to tablecloths, I had no idea! So I feel like Del Cabo streamlined the whole process and made it really simple for me to have everything laid out and everything checked off my list and after talking with you I felt like you guys GOT exactly what I needed, and I could check that off my list and move onto the next thing.

The other team I had was Palmilla, they did a great job, and said they’d never seen a wedding that drank more Tequila than ours!  Then there were tons of brands like Karma Tequila who got all the Tequila down there and Suja Juice, who were kind enough to ship all the juice down to Cabo. I just think those kinds of details, like the black feathers, or the florals, we had Arete Florals do our flowers and she was amazing, she really got the depth, dimension, and heights that I wanted for a beautiful wedding, so a good floral company is really important as well. So just having the right team – you’ve got to get that right, that will set the foundation for the wedding.

The last thing is, pick a theme. Not a theme like “mason jars,” pick a theme of how you want the air to feel at your wedding. I wanted the air to feel light and fun and not just all about me, but also about the guests, because I feel like when everyone’s having fun and there’s good energy it’s a really good recipe for the bride to have fun. The reason that I chose to do a fifty person wedding is that I did a book launch for the Skinny Confidential years ago, and at the book launch, there were about four hundred people and the whole entire launch I spent hugging people and saying hi and signing books. When the night was over I didn’t remember anything because there was no depth to the interaction and it was very surface, not that that’s not great. For the wedding, I didn’t want to be saying hi to a bunch of people, I wanted to be in a space where I had already been with them three days before and I could just enjoy time with my husband, Michael, and my friends in a light way and not, I’ve got to say hi to this person and that person.

Again, decide on your theme of how you want it to feel and the vibe you want to evoke and what you want your guests to take with them when they leave and how you want your guests to remember your wedding. So that theme really transcends from the second you get there and for years after, right? My friends are still saying “We had so much fun at your wedding!” and I just want that vibe to carry on as an experience to be remembered as like light, chill, and fun!

We agree with Lauryn that your wedding should be done YOUR way and can’t wait to help translate your vibe into an experience you and your guests will cherish always. Hear what Lauryn had to say…

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