Need a Cabo Bachelorette Hangover Cure?

Everyone can recall the day-after scene in the movie “The Hangover.” Who doesn’t feel queasy just watching those guys trying to function in the morning after their big night? Imagine being savagely hungover and tripping over chickens, or stumbling onto babies and tigers. For most of us, feeling that physically ill keeps us in bed for sometimes hours, ruining what could have been a great day.

What if you could enjoy a fabulous bachelor/bachelorette party in a tropical paradise, party just as hearty as your girls or boys can, (and let’s be honest, you know how hard that can be) and then be pampered and nursed on those groggy days afterward? What if you could enjoy every single day and night of your trip to the marvelous max?

Several companies exist in Los Cabos whose services are to help you re-hydrate, cleanse away toxins, reverse your hangover and give you an energy boost through the use of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Some of these services are even delivered by intravenous drip, to ensure 100% of the nutrients are fully absorbed.

Your wedding planner can help you choose a company that has medically trained staff and use only the highest quality products and materials. And please, consult with your health care provider for any advice!


Forget about pounding down coffee or energy drinks. Energy is said to be far better delivered to the body through supercharged B Vitamins and Magnesium, that can also help prevent memory loss so you can chat about what you actually did the night before!


Even those who haven’t indulged in the party scene are carrying toxins that help prevent feeling their best. Toxins come from from the environment, heavy metals like mercury and lead, certain foods and even beauty products. An IV drip cleanse is considered by some to be a much faster solution than a multi-day cleanse.


Traveling in of itself can pose many issues if your immune system is even slightly down. High doses of vitamins and minerals can apparently prevent or treat any bugs you have or may pick up as you travel, and also boost your mental and physical performance so you can rock your dance signature moves night after night.


The skin is often the first thing to suffer from the party scene. Many people believe high doses of antioxidants improve your skin’s elasticity and collagen and promote hair and nail growth. It’s never to early to consider anti-aging therapies and get a head start on keeping your skin gorgeous.


Many people bring their workout regimen with them when traveling, others enjoy taking a break. Either way, high doses of Amino Acids, Electrolytes and Multi-Vitamins are used to help recover or enhance your muscle endurance.

Weight Loss

Those interested in weight loss can indulge in a fat burning, metabolism boosting, appetite suppressing treatment to help burn stored fat and build lean muscle, using fat burners and L Carnitine, which are said to do the trick.

Myers IV Hydration

This popular treatment is used to combat inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue, and stress, using a blend of multivitamins. The infusion is also said to increase immunity, alleviate fatigue & anxiety, migraine headaches, and muscle cramps.

No matter the therapy you choose, you will likely help restore natural balance to your mind, body and even soul. You and your girls or guys will adore the luxurious treatments and return back home even better than when you left!


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