SWEET! Why We Love Wedding Dessert Set-ups

Wedding food & beverage menus require a great deal of thought and subsequent decision making. Not only are there endless choices for types of wedding foods and beverages, the presentation and types of service must also be considered.

Just Desserts

Let’s narrow it down to choosing the dessert treatment for your destination wedding reception. The natural choice for those who are into tradition is cake. The wedding cake custom dates back nearly 300 years and the cutting of the cake is, of course, a super-important photo-opp.

Over the years, additional dessert choices such as cheese boards with grapes became popular, but even when the cake wasn’t a real dessert choice, there was that little piece of fruitcake, wrapped in plastic, for females guests to take home. Sleeping with this piece of cake under one’s pillow would allegedly result in dreams of a future partner that night.

Choices and Personality

Fast forward to the present day, when choices range all the way from candy and donuts to milkshakes and cookies. Often, cultural and personal lifestyle choices are reflected in the wedding dessert menu, and increasingly include plant-based, vegan, farm-to-table, multicultural, and global fusion choices.

Chefs and couples are experimenting with savoury bites such as stuffed taco cones, or how about arancini or lamb fritter lollipops? Couples are creating their own ‘gardens’ with edible layers and having a blast with the endless options.

The wedding dessert area and food choices can directly reflect your overall theme (for example: a vintage vibe with that sentimental cake by table service, right along with take-home fruitcake bits) OR in a completely different and experimental direction with pickled Mango, Corn on the Cob, Foie Gras, Blue Cheese, Lobster, Tomato or even Chitos Ice Cream buffet.

Buffet, grazing, combining a cocktail and dessert are emerging – some experts predict espresso martini tiramisus are going to be huge this year!

The Center of Attention

The texture, colors, and flavors that surround the dessert presentation or buffet area often become a WOW sensation for your wedding guests. Couples love to treat their guests to surprises and unexpected moments whenever possible, and the wedding dessert area is the perfect place to pull out all the stops.

Longer lasting wedding parties are trending, and your guests will need to be well-fed and watered to dance their hearts out until the late-night snack arrives! Ask your wedding planner for ideas – she or he will know the specialties and niche creativity of every single chef in the Los Cabos area.








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