Style & Inspiration

Style & Inspiration


Modern Chic pic1

Modern Chic

Nothing is more timeless and elegant than our Modern Chic style, with it’s polished, sophisticated black and white palette. This classy look is usually either softened with some punches of pastel or with a solid color for pops of contrast. Classy, clean and bold, this style is as confident as the couple who choose it.

Modern Chic pic4Modern Chic pic6Modern Chic pic10Modern Chic pic12Modern Chic pic15Modern Chic pic15.2
Modern Chic pic2Modern Chic pic3Modern Chic pic5Modern Chic pic8Modern Chic pic9Modern Chic pic11Modern Chic pic13Modern Chic pic14Modern Chic pic17
Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic1

Gorgeous Geo-Metro

Sleek simplicity, industrial elegance, and a powerful, contrasting palette mark our Gorgeous Geo-Metro wedding style. Few frills or fussy decorations will be seen at this event, where sophistication, raw texture, hard metal contrasted with transparent plastic, distressed elements and pattern are key. This couple is contemporary, creative and expressive.

Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic4.1Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic4.2Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic6Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic8Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic9.2Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic11Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic12.2Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic14Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic15.2
Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic2.1Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic2.2Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic3Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic5Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic7Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic9.1Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic10Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic12.1Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic13Gorgeous Geo-Metro pic15.1
Organic Seaside pic1

Organic Seaside

Surf’s up! If your favorite beat is the rhythm of waves and your favorite shoes are flip-flops, you will love the Organic Seaside wedding style. Simple, clean and natural, this look features hand woven hammocks & table runners and seagrass furniture punctuated with uncomplicated florals and greenery. Everything is, of course, set on a breathtaking beach.

Organic Seaside pic4Organic Seaside pic5Organic Seaside pic7Organic Seaside pic8Organic Seaside pic20Organic Seaside pic17Organic Seaside pic14.2Organic Seaside pic14.1Organic Seaside pic11Organic Seaside pic10
Organic Seaside pic2Organic Seaside pic3Organic Seaside pic6.1Organic Seaside pic6.2Organic Seaside pic9Organic Seaside pic10Organic Seaside pic18.2Organic Seaside pic16Organic Seaside pic15Organic Seaside pic13Organic Seaside pic12Organic Seaside pic19Organic Seaside pic21
Baja Beach pic1

Baja Beach

Our Baja Beach wedding style is the perfect “desert meets the sea” beach wedding. Light, airy and playing off the stunning backdrops of Los Cabos, you will feel the desert welcome the Sea of Cortez on the east side or the Pacific Ocean on the west! Simple but elegant turquoise and sky blue shades, white washed features and nautically striped lounge cushions provide an upscale casual mood. And when the sun sets? Magically lit giant Teepee Lantern Tents…

Baja Beach pic3Baja Beach pic5.1Baja Beach pic6Baja Beach pic8.1Baja Beach pic9Baja Beach pic11.1Baja Beach pic16Baja Beach pic15Baja Beach pic13.2Baja Beach pic12Baja Beach pic20Baja Beach pic18
Baja Beach pic2.1Baja Beach pic2.2Baja Beach pic4Baja Beach pic5.2Baja Beach pic7Baja Beach pic8.2Baja Beach pic10Baja Beach pic11.2Baja Beach pic17Baja Beach pic14Baja Beach pic13Baja Beach pic13.1
Mexican Passion pic1

Mexican Passion

There are few countries that love to celebrate more than Mexico! Our Mexican Passion wedding style features all the drama, color, and romance of Mexico. Papel Picado (paper flags), Hammer Copper Chargers, and bold colored, patterned linens provide festive elements against a backdrop of elegant, contemporary decor touches.

Mexican Passion pic3Mexican Passion pic6Mexican Passion pic7.1Mexican Passion pic9Mexican Passion pic10.2Mexican Passion pic12.1Mexican Passion pic15Mexican Passion pic14.1Mexican Passion pic13.1Mexican Passion pic16.2
Mexican Passion pic2Mexican Passion pic4Mexican Passion pic5Mexican Passion pic7.2Mexican Passion pic8Mexican Passion pic10.1Mexican Passion pic11Mexican Passion pic12.2Mexican Passion pic14.2Mexican Passion pic13.2Mexican Passion pic16.1
Jewel Glam pic1

Jewel Glam

There will be no mistaking yours is a Jewel Glam Style wedding from your stunning invitations forward. Bold, opulent and extravagant, your celebration will be exquisite in every detail. You will feature romantic undertones and jewel shades such as our glamorous peacock and deep fuschia. Whether you prefer an Old Hollywood or Modern Day Luxury feel, you’ll be sure to add some sparkling silver or gold touches.

Jewel Glam pic3Jewel Glam pic5Jewel Glam pic6.2Jewel Glam pic8Jewel Glam pic9.2Jewel Glam pic11Jewel Glam pic13Jewel Glam pic14.2
Jewel Glam pic2Jewel Glam pic4Jewel Glam pic6.1Jewel Glam pic7Jewel Glam pic9.1Jewel Glam pic10Jewel Glam pic12Jewel Glam pic14.1Jewel Glam pic15
Fairytale Romance pic1

Fairytale Romance

Do lace, satin, roses, tulle and the term “fairy tale” set your heart to flutter? Chances are you’ll love our Fairytale Romance wedding style. Pastel shades, ruffles, bows and feminine florals in beautiful bowls lure your eyes into a world of floating, fanciful softness. This ethereal setting will make all of your princess dreams come true!

Fairytale Romance pic3Fairytale Romance pic5Fairytale Romance pic6.2Fairytale Romance pic8.1Fairytale Romance pic9Fairytale Romance pic11Fairytale Romance pic12.2Fairytale Romance pic14Fairytale Romance pic15.2
Fairytale Romance pic2Fairytale Romance pic4Fairytale Romance pic6.1Fairytale Romance pic7Fairytale Romance pic8.2Fairytale Romance pic10Fairytale Romance pic12.1Fairytale Romance pic15.1Fairytale Romance pic13Fairytale Romance pic16
Heirloom Vintage pic1

Heirloom Vintage

The core of Heirloom Vintage Wedding Style is the past and it can’t ever go out of date! Do you remember your grandmother’s china and linens? We aren’t sure what you will love more, the antiqued wood ceremony arch with white ruffled curtains, or the hanging florals and silky tablecloths. Actually, it might be the Persian style carpets. We can create looks on every end of the vintage spectrum!

Heirloom Vintage pic2.1Heirloom Vintage pic4Heirloom Vintage pic5.2Heirloom Vintage pic6Heirloom Vintage pic8.1Heirloom Vintage pic9Heirloom Vintage pic11Heirloom Vintage pic13Heirloom Vintage pic15.1Heirloom Vintage pic16Heirloom Vintage pic17.2
Heirloom Vintage pic2Heirloom Vintage pic3Heirloom Vintage pic5.1Heirloom Vintage pic7Heirloom Vintage pic8.2Heirloom Vintage pic10Heirloom Vintage pic12Heirloom Vintage pic14Heirloom Vintage pic15.2Heirloom Vintage pic17.1
Metallic Elegance pic1

Metallic Elegance

We just have to say it – our Metallic Elegance wedding style is your time to shine! Sparkle is your unofficial middle name and you love to see light to bounce everywhere, including from lanterns, candles, and strings of light. Cocktail tables shine with glittering tablecloths while lounge pillows glitter. Dinner tables are set with gleaming golden flatware, plates and goblets. Classic elegance is “reflected” to a whole new level!

Metallic Elegance pic3Metallic Elegance pic4.2Metallic Elegance pic6Metallic Elegance pic7.2Metallic Elegance pic9Metallic Elegance pic11Metallic Elegance pic13.1Metallic Elegance pic16Metallic Elegance pic14Metallic Elegance pic18.1
Metallic Elegance pic2Metallic Elegance pic4.1Metallic Elegance pic5Metallic Elegance pic7.1Metallic Elegance pic8Metallic Elegance pic10Metallic Elegance pic12Metallic Elegance pic17Metallic Elegance pic15Metallic Elegance pic13.2Metallic Elegance pic18.2
Rustic Renewal pic1

Rustic Renewal

Often associated with barns and hay bales, our Rustic Renewal Wedding Style is more about bright sunny colors, florals, and natural fabrics in a relaxed setting. The old world charm of linen, macrame table runners and chair covers marry well with garlands of ivy atop lace tablecloths. Country charm and cheer are everywhere!

Rustic Renewal pic3Rustic Renewal pic5.1Rustic Renewal pic6.1Rustic Renewal pic7Rustic Renewal pic9Rustic Renewal pic11.1Rustic Renewal pic17Rustic Renewal pic15Rustic Renewal pic13Rustic Renewal pic12.1Rustic Renewal pic19
Rustic Renewal pic2Rustic Renewal pic4Rustic Renewal pic5.2Rustic Renewal pic6.2Rustic Renewal pic8Rustic Renewal pic10Rustic Renewal pic16Rustic Renewal pic14Rustic Renewal pic12.2Rustic Renewal pic11.2Rustic Renewal pic18
Woodland Whimsy pic1

Woodland Whimsy

Our Woodland Whimsy Wedding style is artistic, musical and literary with a feeling of freedom. From the antique styled armchairs to the quirky glass cloche topped table florals, you are transported into a fanciful storybook setting. A bar that grows out of a hedge? Check. Crystal chandeliers and Golden Baroque Chargers? Check. Quirky and ornate, or let your imagination run wild!

Woodland Whimsy pic3Woodland Whimsy pic5Woodland Whimsy pic7Woodland Whimsy pic8.2Woodland Whimsy pic10Woodland Whimsy pic12Woodland Whimsy pic13.2Woodland Whimsy pic19.1Woodland Whimsy pic17Woodland Whimsy pic15
Woodland Whimsy pic2Woodland Whimsy pic4Woodland Whimsy pic6Woodland Whimsy pic8.1Woodland Whimsy pic9Woodland Whimsy pic11Woodland Whimsy pic13.1Woodland Whimsy pic18Woodland Whimsy pic16Woodland Whimsy pic14Woodland Whimsy pic19.2Woodland Whimsy pic20