REAL Emerging Bridal Trends for 2021

The year 2020 will undoubtedly go down as one of the most challenging years in recent history. For brides, it was beyond dismal. In a major travel and wedding destination like Los Cabos, the industry, in conjunction with international and local health authorities, has responded by implementing numerous health and safety measures to best ensure wellness for our precious visitors and the local community.

At the same time, the wedding industry is busy responding to the issues this year has presented for couples who have either been forced to change existing plans by downsizing or in response to the economic downturn, or those newly engaged and wondering what to expect.

We wanted to focus on the key themes that are emerging for the entire industry in 2021; versatility, individuality, and intentionality.


Whether you are in the travel industry, the wedding retail industry or a consumer, versatility is key in addressing wedding plans. For brides to be, one trend that is dramatically increasing is online shopping. When it comes to the perfect dress search, bridal appointments have become a virtual experience, not unlike the traditional in-store showroom adventure. Some brides are working with design houses to gain guidance on updating their looks to fit updated wedding plans. Many newly engaged brides are conducting a try-on-and-return exercise that applies to both custom design as well as off-the-rack.

Even off-the-rack has its own versatility twist – adaptable face coverings, hem changes and much more. Margot LaFontaine, design director of AMSALE suggests:

“Adding a layering piece like a lace tee, a tulle cape or belt to adapt an already purchased look to a change of venue or season. With so many designers, bridal and otherwise, offering styling extras to enhance and personalize looks that can be worn well beyond the special day, there’s no better time to get creative.”


The belief that brides should feel truly special on their wedding day, no matter the circumstances, resounds from all related industries. Any and all limitations that exist only force couples to dig deep and identify what really does make them feel special. Thinking outside the proverbial box just became more important than ever!

A dress that can transition through each part of the celebration is one example of honing in on a personal aesthetic. This way of making braver choices fits both ends of the spectrum – from those who will want to simplify (sleek, chic, minimal) and those who will want to dress up to the max (traditional with a twist). Net-a-Porter’s von de Golz echoes that sentiment of duality:

“We’re seeing an increasing demand for the ‘afterparty’ look, like sexy party dresses by Rasario and sequined mini dresses by Retrofete. We expect to see this trend continue as people with delayed weddings have high anticipation and bigger reasons to celebrate and indulge in additional looks…and may not choose to buy every look in white. 

The takeaway? Double down on whatever makes you feel the most special and unique because that’s one thing even a global pandemic can’t change.


The challenges of 2020, especially isolation, have resulted in many of us realizing a newfound sense of what is really important in life. Thoughtfulness and intentionality have become mainstream intentions globally.

This includes designers, who look to sincerity and meaning in a new design. Understanding the dream and vision of brides and couples has become even more paramount than before. Considering bridal gowns as timeless heirlooms is back in style.

Incorporating sustainability practices throughout his designs and business increasingly is Jonathan Simkhai, who states:

“Watching Mother Nature start to heal while people are staying home has led me to think more and more about eco-conscious material sourcing while still finding fabrications that feel luxurious.”

We are seeing these trends emerge with the couples we are working with. Here in Los Cabos, Mexico, these concepts come “naturally,” and range from the preponderance of locally grown, organic foods and beverages, to natural artisan fabrics & decor, right down to traditional music and entertainment. Even dresses often tend to the more earthy, airy, fabric side.

Not to mention the landscape, with our ever-shining sun, sandy beaches and heartfelt Mexican sincerity. Please fee free to reach out to us if you’d like to find out more about celebrating your Cabo destination wedding with versatility, individuality, and mindful intention.



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