Love Glamping? Have a Ton of Fun at your Destination Wedding in Cabo…

No matter how formal or informal your Cabo destination wedding is, the beautifully romantic mood created by softly lit teepees on the beach, especially at twilight, will create a feeling no one in attendance will ever forget, especially you and your new spouse!

There has been a considerable rise in popularity with teepees at beach weddings and events in Los Cabos. They can be used as a pre-dinner drinks area and later as a break out space for guests to visit or catch their breath after all that dancing. One of our couples put their exhausted toddler happily to sleep in a dreamy teepee space!

Styling can work comfortably for any kind of wedding, from boho to whimsical, geometric to classic, since the beach is a great equalizer, whether on the grass or sand. If you like boho, throws and rugs, macrame pieces, pallet seats and tables with upturned crates as tables work well. South Asian or Moroccan styles also rock the teepee, with pouffes, patterned carpets, lamps and character wood pieces. Never be afraid to mix and match these looks!

At dusk and beyond, your lighting will set the magical mood. Candles are a must and can be had in many formats including the battery kind, and look great clustered together with tall pillar candles, tapers and tealights.

Florals can also punch up your theme, and are only limited by your imagination or that of your wedding planner and florist. Consider hanging florals, wreaths or greenery from the top or sides of the teepee, and your tables can be filled with jars or other vessels filled with flowers, herbs, succulents and decor.

Since teepees have existed much longer than most structures in society, they will simply never get old. Ask us about doing some glamping at your destination wedding!









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