Highly Educated Designer or Order Filler? It’s your choice.

Most destination wedding companies employ staff who are well trained to make the limited amount of decor they keep in stock fit as many packaged weddings as possible. This strategy works exceptionally well with long-standing trends such as vintage, for example.

However, if the couple wants anything outside the wedding companies’ inventory, the company must then turn to an organization that rents decor to obtain suitable items. In smaller towns or cities, this may also limit the available selection. In the industry, these weddings are called cookie-cutters, as they end up looking mainly the same.

There is more to outfitting an entire wedding and all corresponding events than choosing from a few styles of tables and chairs! Genuinely customized destination weddings require the services of professional planners, designers, tech staff, architects, tailors, landscapers, and carpenters, preferably in a one-stop shop. Especially when several warehouses of customized decor have also been filled, this is the most cost-efficient way to provide stunning, personalized decor, creative effects, and lighting. Sound complicated?

Professional wedding planners often help couples begin making design choices by asking a few leading questions to get them thinking about the feeling they want to create for their big day. Some of these questions could include: Where was your first meeting or date? How and where was the proposal? What kind of activities do you love doing together? What does your dream wedding look like – sporty, casual, preppy, elegant, a combination of ideas, or something entirely different? Is there anything, in particular, you MUST have in your ceremony? Are there cultural, religious or family considerations? Good planners will help find theme ideas hiding inside the answers.

Creating a mind-blowing design for destination wedding locations in Cabo is a unique specialty. Custom style-specific ceremonies and events ranging from LGBT, Jewish, Catholic, Hindu, Persian, Muslim (or any South Asian discipline) come requiring specialized expertise. Applying any concept to specific Cabo areas and venues such as beaches, churches, villas, farms, resorts, boats, underwater, mountains, etc. takes it up another notch altogether.

Be sure to find a wedding planning company that has a team of professionals who can give you and your guests all the magical feels and memories you deserve. Let us help!

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