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  • Q: Why should I hire a wedding consultant?

    A: Planning for a wedding is an incredibly exciting time; however there are numerous details that go into making a once-in-a-lifetime event run smoothly. With a busy career and personal life, it can be difficult for you to find the time and resources needed for such a task.  The Del Cabo Weddings team has the knowledge and know-how needed to locate the most reputable vendors, handle the countless details, and greatly reduce stress throughout the planning process. Most couples advise that hiring a wedding planner was the best wedding-related investment they ever made.

    We are thrilled to be able to help save you time and money (as well as your sanity) in order for you to spend time enjoying one another on your beautiful wedding day!

    Q: What exactly does a wedding planner do?

    A: We make sure every person, vendor, flower, item, is at the right place at the right moment. We are the middlemen.  We worry about vendors setting up, centerpieces arriving on time, directing guests, and setting up everything so you don’t have to.

    We organize timelines, budgets, VIP photo and song lists; we keep track of vendors and their contact information.

    We see the bigger picture.  When planning a wedding, it is so easy to become overwhelmed with the tiny details, that sometimes the bigger picture can get overlooked.  “OMG, I was so focused on the decorations, I forgot to order the cake!”  We are here to help you take a step back while we focus on the details AS WELL AS the bigger picture.

    We are your risk mitigators.  Every couple should be able to relax and enjoy their wedding day, and especially be able to enjoy one another.  It’s much harder to do that when you have a million people running up to you with questions and mini-disasters when all you want to do is soak up the happiness and enjoy yourselves.  Our job is to handle the questions and mini-disasters for you, and make sure you have as many happy moments as humanly possible.

    We have access to the best vendors in the region.  You may think, why would I hire a wedding planner to contact this vendor when I can just do it myself?  The answer is simple.  Vendors need referrals (just like anyone else in the service industry), and some are even willing to offer you a discount for those referrals.  With the money you save on the discounted photography package or floral arrangements, or even just the time saved in calling around, comparing prices and checking availability, hiring a wedding consultant practically pays for itself!

    We keep your best interests in mind.  Did the rainy weather ruin your beautiful outdoor setting?  We already had a plan to arrange it indoors. Did a bridesmaid’s hem come loose? We pin it into place. Did you forget to buy a knife and server set? We’ve got your back.

    Q: What separates Del Cabo Weddings from other wedding planning companies?

    A: We have the perfect team, we are certified and supported by the best wedding associations and institutions worldwide.

    1. We are a professional company that is supported by more than twelve years of experience in wedding design and decor rentals and fourteen years in wedding planning. We offer you the most extensive selection of furniture, linens, glassware, installations and more. We are also custom fabricators with an in-house team who can build anything you can imagine!
    2. In order to give each of our clients the time and attention they deserve, we only take a limited number of events per yearTaking on a limited number of weddings each year gives us the opportunity to focus on you, and you alone, in the months leading up to the big day.  We truly believe each wedding is unique and there is no “one size fits all” planning package; that is why each of our services are individually priced and tailored to fit your specific wedding planning needs.  We make it a priority to stay up to date on the wedding world, and really listen to and execute our clients’ thoughts, dreams, and ideas.
    3. Most importantly, we focus on quality – not quantityWe enjoy spending our time working with you while perfectly executing and personalizing your wedding, rather than hurriedly planning dozens and dozens of “one look fits all” events.  We feel a deep sense of pride, accomplishment, and happiness when we watch our couples enjoying one another on their wedding day instead of stressing about the details.  Not only does every couple deserve to make their dream wedding into the wedding of their dreams; but they also deserve to enjoy it! The best part of our job is making that happen.
    Q: What types of weddings or unity ceremonies do your planning packages accommodate?

    A: All types! Religious, Legal, Symbolic, Eco-Friendly, Green, LGBT, South Asian, Jewish, Vow Renewals, and more.

    Q: Do you support or cater to any specific religions?

    A: We cater to all religions, and will be happy to ensure that religious customs and traditions are incorporated into any ceremony or reception as requested.

    Q: What wedding-related services do you offer?

    A: Full planning, wedding design, and multiple a la carte services including hourly consultations and wedding rentals.

    Q: Do you charge for an initial consultation?

    A: Our initial consultation is complimentary. This is generally a meet & greet to say hello and chat about what your visión is and how we can help. If you then decide to work with us we request a signed contract and retainer, which is required to secure our services and reserve your wedding date.

    Some couples aren’t ready to book a planner but wish to discuss very specific elements of their wedding. We are happy to accommodate, and charge an hourly rate for this service.

    Q: How much communication will we have?

    A: We have a personal policy to respond to all emails and phone messages in a timely manner and will respond to all messages as soon as possible.

    Q: How early should we start to planning our wedding? Hire a wedding planner?

    A: Anywhere from nine to twelve months prior to the wedding date is a good time to start planning. You don’t want to wait until the last minute and feel overwhelmed, but you also don’t want to be planning for too long.

    You’ll want to get a contract signed to ensure we´re available for your wedding date. We already have weddings booked for 18 months from now!

    Q: Can we hire Del Cabo Weddings you as soon as we get engaged or should we wait?

    A: As soon as you get engaged is recommended. Dates are booked well in advance and the sooner we begin planning, the better!

    Q: How do I book a date with Del Cabo Weddings?

    A: By emailing, calling or filling out the contact form on our website. We will schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with you to make sure we are a good fit and that we can meet your needs. Most consultations take about 1 hour.

    Q: Will you work with vendors we select, or only those you recommend?

    A: We will absolutely work with your choice of vendors, however, we have a great team of preferred vendors that we work with should you need any referrals.

    Q: Do you charge a flat rate for your services or a percentage based on budget?

    A: We charge a flat rate for our services. It is our belief that you shouldn’t have to pay more for our services simply because you have a larger budget.

    Q: What are you payment terms and methods?

    A: We welcome Paypal, wire transfers & cash. We also offer convenient installment plans.

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  • I’m having trouble knowing how much to budget for my wedding. Where do I start?

    Cabo Wedding Budget Guidelines

    The final cost of your Cabo wedding will depend entirely upon the individual decisions you make throughout the planning process.

    Food and beverage is the largest expense you will incur when planning any event, and generally represents close to half of your total budget. The cost of food and beverage varies significantly between location categories and the individual properties within each, meaning it is impossible to discuss budget without also discussing your wedding location options.


    Wedding locations in Los Cabos can be broken down into different categories, each with unique concepts and different price points. It is important to note that pricing will vary between properties within the same category, as will the rules and regulations at each.

    Because Del Cabo Wedding Planners are so closely connected to each and every venue and vendor in the entire region, they can help you refine your choices based on which choices fall into which category.

    Luxury Properties

    Properties in this category are normally rented as an event space only and do not offer accommodations, with the exception of private villas which require a 3-day minimum rental in order to host an event onsite. At clubhouses and restaurants we can expect food and beverage to fall into the $200 – $300.00 per person range.

    Private Properties

    At private villas, this number will be slightly higher than in luxury properties, as your catering company will need to bring in those items that an established wedding location will offer free of charge (cutlery, crockery, kitchen equipment, etc.)

    European Plan Hotels

    European plan hotels are those properties charging on a per room per night basis, in which other expenses are charged to the clients master account at check out (meals, tips, activities, etc). These properties generally require a minimum room block of 10 rooms for 3 nights in order to host a wedding on site, and will not charge outside guests for access to the property for your wedding event. Food and beverage will start at the $200 – $300.00 per person mark. Do note that most properties offer very limited choices for decor and you will most likely require rentals.

    All-inclusive Resorts

    All-inclusive resorts are those properties that charge per room per night, including food and beverage. These hotels will require all guests to stay at the hotel in order to host a wedding on site. You will be charged a hefty day pass fee for those guests attending your wedding who are not guests of the resort. While you will still be charged for food and beverage at your event (private events are not included in the all-inclusive plan), the rate is significantly lower than that at other locations, normally coming in at the $65 – 85 per person mark. The decor choice limitations also apply here.

    Other Expenses

    After determining the cost of food and beverage at your chosen location and multiplying that number by your total guest count, we must add on your additional vendor expenses. Keep in mind that there are any number of options available in each vendor category, all of which come with different price tags. Some of the vendors you will need to consider to complete your wedding planning are the officiant (minister, judge, rabbi, etc), photographer/videographer, lighting & AV, florist, decor for each phase, transportation, any special effects – the wow! factors such as fireworks, photo booth, fire dancers etc., cake, location fees.

    Be sure to make sure to include the cost of a certified and insured wedding planner and then add for the unexpected. Consider adding 15% to 20% for costs such as taxes, tips, canceled or changed flights, extra luggage, or any other needs that may crop up. Let us help give you an estimate!

  • What do I need to know about hiring vendors and services, such as photographers, DJ's, etc?

    All planners will have their list of preferred vendors. It is normal for different planners to prefer working with different vendors, based on who has proven to come through for them and their clients, and who they have an established working relationship with. Trust that they will generally have very solid reasons for choosing NOT to work with certain vendors! As long as you are being presented with options within your budget range, trust in your planner to be your eyes and ears on the ground. Your planner will walk you through the entire process, as there is a science to the order in which you choose them.

    Be ready to deposit! There are a limited number of highly qualified vendors. While your planner will be able to tentatively reserve your date, a signed contract and deposit (normally 50%) will be required to confirm services.

    If you decide to search for vendors on your own, beware – anyone can advertise online! At the very least, any credible vendor should happily put you in touch with several past clients, who had the type of wedding and decor you hope for.


    • Will have an established website with numerous testimonials, not just a facebook page. There are some exceptions to this rule, which your planner will be happy to walk you through.
    • Will have a solid portfolio (complete albums from photographers, soundbites or videos from DJs, etc)
    • Will be responsive in terms of email communication and scheduled phone calls or meetings when necessary. Keep in mind that when doing business in Mexico you are generally dealing with a native language different from your own and miscommunications do happen from time to time. Allow your planner to help you here.


    • Anyone who leaves your requests unattended for more than a reasonable amount of time.
    • Anyone related to you! Generally, asking your Aunt who is a florist based in Miami to take care of your flowers in Mexico is a bad idea! Local vendors have the language skills, importation contacts and most importantly staff to ensure the success of your event. Let your family simply enjoy your event!

    Bringing vendors from other countries who do not have Mexican working papers is a risk. If immigration were to be informed of this happening there is a risk having the wedding could be shut down.

    Reputable wedding planners will usually have their clients sign a waiver for each vendor they do bring from outside the country, waiving them of responsibility for said vendor. Planners here will also not be able to help coordinate applications with immigration, as customs have limits as to how much professional equipment photographers can bring in to the country, etc.

  • We are uncertain about the legalities of getting married in Mexico and can’t seem to find solid and detailed information. What are our options?

    Some couples conduct their legalities at home and bring everything else to Mexico. Others prefer to do everything in their destination location. The “red tape” for getting married in Mexico is similar to that of the US or Canada, with the major difference being that you must have the following documents validated at the nearest Mexican consulate in your country before you bring them to Mexico. (Your wedding coordinator can assist with this).

    Here are the basic requirements:

    • A current passport as proof of ID and marital status for both parties.
    • A copy of both parties’ birth certificates.
    • A tourist immigration card (received upon arrival in Mexico) or visa.
    • The names, addresses, nationalities, occupations, and ages of both parties’ parents.
    • Four witnesses (these can be provided by a wedding planner for an extra fee). The witnesses will also need to provide their names, addresses, occupations, ages and photo ID.

    In addition, previously married couples need verification that a minimum of one full year has elapsed from the date of one of the following:

    • Divorce: Final dissolution of marriage must be verified with a certified copy of the final divorce decree.
    • Widowed: Must be verified with a certified copy of the spouse’s death certificate.

    A health certificate and blood test for both parties that must be done in Mexico (your wedding coordinator can help set up the tests, which must be done in Mexico).

    Typically, two to four days must be spent in Cabo San Lucas to complete the requirements, although less time may be required when a wedding coordinator is involved.

    Luckily, we are experts and can make this process easy for you!

  • Can I ship our wedding materials to Los Cabos ahead of time?

    Dresses and other irreplaceable items: NEVER; NEVER, NEVER send ahead of time! Call your airline in advance and ask for permission to have your dress hung in the captain´s cabin. Carry important items such as jewelry in your hand luggage. A missing dress or sentimental item is a problem almost impossible to fix at the last minute, so just avoid it!

    Similarly, medicines and controlled substances should never be sent, as some formulas that do not require prescriptions internationally may be illegal or require prescriptions here in Mexico. Sending such items will normally result in the confiscation of said products and a long delay in receipt of whatever else you may have sent in the box. Similarly, sending drugs or illegal substances will end very, very badly for all concerned…

    Less valuable items can be sent ahead of time directly to the hotel or location where their event is to take place.  Given the state of the mail system in Mexico, a larger, established location, such as a hotel, will be more likely to receive the items without delays.

    When sending items ahead of time, please be sure to label packages using a permanent black marker, clearly and legibly, with the company address and name of your wedding planner, who can give you a detailed list of how to package and what may be required by customs.

    After the wedding event, client´s are responsible for taking wedding items back home, or organizing the return shipping of said items.