Few visions pull at a girl’s heartstrings harder than the one where she is walking down the aisle in a fabulous wedding dress. Blame Disney, Grandma’s wedding pictures, fairy tale book illustrations, or classic movies on Netflix – but it’s a real thing.

From there, let’s add another layer of excitement by trying on wedding dresses. There are few more emotionally packed activities than this, and it can lead to impulsive purchases that might not be practical once the actual wedding details are put into place.

So, how do you translate that lifelong vision into one that will work in a tropical, sandy and possibly breezy setting? Let us give you a few “hot” tips

 Tip 1 – Wait until you have chosen your venue

We recommend you buy the dress once you have already confirmed the wedding venue. There are many factors to consider such as the type of location, time of day, month, etc. Ideally, the look and texture of the dress should be chosen according to the location details so you can ensure your look is perfect against the backdrop of the particular venue.

Tip 2 – Choose a light, breathable fabric

Make sure the fabric of your wedding dress won’t cause you overheat and melt your beautiful makeup! Some light and fresh fabrics that work well for tropical weddings are chiffon, charmeuse, and cotton.

Tip 3 – Keep it on the casual side

Having a casual dress that will flow softly over the lines of your body will be more comfortable than a traditional bridal gown with a full skirt. Some brides go the way of the shorter dress to beat the heat.

Tip 4 – Packing

When coming to Cabo, consider a dress that is easy to pack and carry onto a plane as hand luggage as you don’t want to risk losing checked luggage. There are also shipping options that can be considered, especially if you have other items you want to bring down.

Tip 5 – Lose the heels

You may love the statuesque feeling you get in high heels but remember that high heels and sand don’t really work well together. Consider wearing flat shoes, pumps, flip flops or bare feet!

 Tip 6 – Strappy dresses

If you are looking for a sexy style, consider white spaghetti straps with a low cut back. It will look amazing, especially if you can work on your tan before the big day!

 Tip 7 – Breezy beaches

If you are getting married on the waterfront, be wary of accessories that might blow around or even away with the wind. You don’t want to watch your beautiful veil ride the waves!

The bottom line is this – you absolutely deserve to feel exactly the way you want to on your special day. With the popularity of tropical destination weddings and the multitude of warm weather wedding dress styles available, you are sure to make your wedding dream come true but practical enough to ensure you have a glorious and stress-free day. Need some design inspiration to get started? 

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