Destination Wedding Makeup & Hair Primer – Interview with an Expert

Few wedding day preparations are more personal than makeup and hair. There is usually no other day in a bride’s life she will want to shine more than on her dream wedding day. 

But how does this process work for a tropical destination wedding? Are the advance preparations different than for a local wedding? How do you choose a makeup and hair professional with not only the experience, but also the personalization and professionalism you need?

As usual, we turned to one of the Cabo industry experts and influencers we are privileged to work with. Here is the interview our Del Cabo Weddings Managing Partner, Arianna Ocampo, conducted with Olga Bustos, Owner and CEO of Los Cabos Makeup. And yes, it’s literally a primer on Cabo destination wedding makeup & hair!

Arianna: How long have you been working with brides in this industry?

Olga: I have been working with brides for 7 years, that is when I start Los Cabos Makeup. But I will say I started playing with makeup when I was 13 years old. So, I have always had a passion for makeup, how to enhance the face of a person – I always was into makeup since I was little. But I have been in the industry for 7 years, yes.

Arianna: Did your brand start in Cabo?

Olga: No…actually, the brand started in Puerto Vallarta. I started there and then I moved here. I was living already here. I moved to Vallarta for one year when I decided to start it. It was OlgaMakeupArtist. And when I moved back to Cabo, I started Los Cabos Makeup. 

Arianna: How  do you determine what hair and makeup look will suit each bride?

Olga: I would think what determines the look is the personality and the culture of each bride. Also, with the new trends with social media, Instagram and on Pinterest, I get asked by my brides to contour their faces or have thicker eyebrows. So, I think that is a trend. now with social media determines that too. Makeup and hair play a significant role now with all the pictures that you have to post, makeup is becoming very important. I remember that in the ’90s, the look or the trend was to have a thin eyebrow, and then you pluck the eyebrows to make them thinner.

I think makeup has to look glamourous, flawless to embrace, and enhance who you are making the best version of yourself. I believe that is what determines a look. I have a lot of passion for what I do, and I love to be challenged. When I am working with a client who has like 4 different events, this allows me to be more creative of how to design a look for each of their events, I get very excited because brides send me the ideas in advance. Like, “Okay, I am wearing these 4 different dresses for my different parties, and this is my idea!” So we work together to create the idea to become to life and see if we change something, so that is a challenge for me, and I love to make them feel special and beautiful for each of their parties.

Arianna: Do you do a trial run in advance with pretty much all your brides?

Olga: Yes, I will say 80% of my clients will do a trial. Because we will have the time to connect with our bride and understand the look that they are looking for, their ideas, and inspirations. After we create the look, this will give us the time to see if I would like to change something that will work better with her personality or if the bride would change something. Sometimes they have an idea that they see on Instagram or Pinterest, they go “Oh, I want to look like this” . When we create the look, they do not feel themselves, so I think that it is essential to have a trial before the wedding day.

Arianna: Do you use or recommend an airbrush?

Olga: Yes, I get asked this question a lot, and again, it depends on what works with our clients. Because if I have a bride with beautiful skin and she doesn’t want to wear a lot of makeup, I will just recommend her to regular makeup. But if I have a bride who wants to have a heavier foundation and wear the makeup to last for 6 hours, I will recommend the airbrush makeup. Also, the months that the weather is hotter like September, October, June, and July, I will recommend the airbrush makeup.

Arianna: Do you use any particular or special products?

Olga: I do have my “must-have” products that I work with, and I also have select products that I like to work with and for this weather. For foundation, I used Naked, Too Faced, Makeup Forever, and now one of my favorite brands that I’m in love with is Charlotte Tilbury, she has amazing products!

Arianna: What do you do if the bride has allergies to certain products?

Olga: If a bride has allergies, she must be very specific about what products will cause her a reaction, If her allergy is severe, they know they will have to bring their own products.  Yes, so basically, it can be the foundation or the eyeshadow, so they will have to be specific and let us know.

Arianna: Do you carry any all-natural products for brides with severe allergies or do they always bring their own?

Olga: Anytime that the allergy is severe, the bride brings her own products. Not all the products that I use are 100% organic.  I used to carry a base that was 100% natural, but it didn’t work for many of my clients. Like for their skin type. Again, they will have to bring their own foundation if they would want organic.

Arianna: How long do the sessions usually take? I am assuming hair and makeup session.

Olga: Well, it takes more when we are doing the trial, like 3 hours, because we are trying to understand her inspiration, connecting with the bride and her idea.…like 3 hours. On the actual wedding day, it is more like 2 hours; it is easy because we have to recreate what we already practiced.

Arianna: Do you use Camera Ready makeup?

Olga: We do, also is essential how we apply the products, we want that the camera captures the features of our brides at any angles she is looking at. You can see that on my Instagram, how the skin looks flawless and glowing.

Arianna: How is Camera Ready makeup different from regular makeup?

Olga: Yeah now with all the technology that is on the products, for example, Makeup Forever, has a foundation that is HD high resolution does photographs differently.

Arianna: What is new for Los Cabos Makeup? How will you approach the “new normal” or considering the sanitary measures that people are basically going to expect?

Olga: For us, it is not going to change much with our protocol because doing hair and makeup requires face-to-face and one-on-one. We are very strict when it comes to the sanitation of our products. When we arrive at the location, after we set up all our stage, we wash our hands and have wipes with us all the time. We have our products already disinfected as well as the brushes. Still, every time we use a product, like an eye shadow or foundation, we clean the brushes, clean our hands with the wipes, and then apply more products again. We do have to be extra careful and more so now. What is going to change only is we are going to use masks and gloves, the “new normal.”  We use disposables to apply mascara and lips color, for example, if a client has an infection in the eyes, that can contaminate our products.  Our job requires us to be conscious of sanitization.

Arianna: Can you think of something that you think is very unique about Los Cabos Makeup?

Olga: I would say that we pay attention to details. This is very essential for my team and me, as well as intuition, is vital with the communication to our clients in a way they feel comfortable with us, that they will get the results they want for their hair and makeup.  Paying attention to details is vital for all of us. In Spanish, you say one bad apple can contaminate the rest, and I don’t have a bad apple in the team.  I know if it is the same saying in English.  In other words, my team is united; they want to help each other, and my clients can feel this. Most the weekends I’m working with two brides on the same day running from one place to another, and when I arrive at one location, I can sense what is happening, and makes me so happy to receive comments like “your team is amazing” or “They are doing a great job.  I make me feel so proud of our hard work.

I would like to add that what we learned from this crisis is how we can evolve and become a better person, now we understand that there are no borders and that what can affect one person in any part of the world will affect all of us. So hopefully, this creates more unity and kindness. We will get through this together.



  •  Preparation of the skin is essential before the wedding day.
  •  Six months before the wedding day consult your esthetician or your spa for customized facial cleanses pores, exfoliates away dead skin cells, and treats common skin concerns. This multi-step process rejuvenates and nourishes, making skin appear healthy, radiant, and glowy.
  •  Having proper rest also is vital for decreasing puffiness.
  •  Moisturize your body from head to toe.
  •  Drink plenty of water! You can leave a bottle of water on your nightstand, so you don’t forget to drink water before going to bed. Being hydrated is a must for your makeup to look flawless.
  •  Do wash your hair the night before your wedding day, so that is not too clean in the morning. Clean hair usually doesn’t curl or style as well.
  • Wear false eyelashes.
  • Agree with your bridesmaids the night before who is coming first for hair and makeup.
  • Be in the present moment – this time will never come back – enjoy and relax.


  •  I have clients that love the Cabo weather but try to stay away from the sun as much as you can, we don’t want that you get red or burn your face.
  • Don’t eat when you are getting your hair and make up services.
  • Don’t write your vows when you are getting your make up.
  • Don’t forget to wash off your make up the night before your wedding day.
  • Don’t show us a picture of Kim Kardashian and ask for natural makeup. She has more makeup on in one picture than you have ever worn your entire life!
  • Don’t… try and squeeze ten girls’ hair and makeup into 3 hours. Allow the professionals to create the timeline for your day. If you are late with hair and makeup, then you are going to be late for everything!
  • Don’t forget to have fun!


As you can tell, there is more to providing destination wedding makeup and hair than just having a pretty face! If you have any questions about planning a Cabo destination wedding, why not just go ahead and reach out to us! To see more of Olgas work, visit  Los Cabos Makeup or Olga’s social media sites at @loscabosmakeup.

Photos Credits: By Julieta

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