Cabo Wedding Day Emergency Kit – You Need This!

Our wedding planners are often asked what should be included in the much-needed wedding day emergency kit.  This type of information is all over the internet and not hard to find, however, we wanted to provide you with a list that includes most items you could need and some specifically for your Cabo wedding.

Quite honestly, the bride and groom will be far too busy thinking about other things to be responsible for putting this kit together. Often the Maid of Honor takes this function on, but whoever does will need to consult with the bride and groom on some of the items.

This lengthy list calls for a fair sized carrying bag or case, which will not be appropriate for any members of the wedding party to lug around. Assuming the “emergency kit maker” is in the bridal party and unable to lug the kit around, someone else should be appointed for this task. The person chosen should be in close range of the wedding party the entire time, such as the mother of the bride or groom, who are usually thrilled to take on this important role.

Most of the items on the list can be purchased at home, but in some cases, they are easier to find here in Cabo, such as the “Hand fan,” an old-fashioned warm weather lifesaver, available in most Los Cabos souvenir shops. Other warm-weather items include moisture-proof hairspray, sunscreen, makeup setting spray with sunscreen, waterproof mascara, translucent face powder and oil absorbing sheets for underarms, all of which are best sourced before you come to Cabo for personal selection.

Another thing to consider when attending multiple events in a tropical location is the risk of dehydration. Considering the fact that most pre-wedding events usually include alcoholic beverages, it’s easy to become dehydrated without even realizing it. When this happens, it is much easier to become light-headed or worse, roaring drunk, which doesn’t suit any bride or groom well. Our planners are always on the lookout for this condition in advance, and you will see “electrolyte drink,” also known as a sports-type drink, on the list. These drinks are readily available here in Cabo.

You will notice some items on the list are listed with brand names – this is simply because the brand names are a quick identifier for the item, so please use any brand you like! Other items require an explanation, such as “clear nail polish,” which will stop a run in pantyhose. Clear bandages will save your feet if the fabulous new shoes you bought start causing blisters, and drinking straws will allow more lipstick to stay on you than on a glass!

It is highly unlikely you will need every item on the list but there could be a few you might not have thought of. The old adage “it is better to have than to need” applies well here!


Sunglasses, Sewing kit, Safety pins, Hem & fashion tape, Flat dancing slippers, Moist wipes, Earring backs, Lint roller, Static spray, Crazy glue, Clear nail polish, Corsage pins, Stain-erase pen or towelettes, Pantyhose, Spare underwear, Talcum powder, Shoe polish, Tossing garter.

Health & Meds

Water bottle, Electrolyte drink, Handkerchief or tissue, Sunscreen, Personal meds, First-Aid kit, Breath mints, Antacid, Immodium, Toothpicks or floss, Sunscreen, Bug spray, Benadryl, Cold or sinus medication, Tampons, Energy bars, Eye drops, Advil, Clear bandages, Perfume, Deodorant, Smelling salts, Fingernail polish, Hand sanitizer, Baby powder.

Hair & Makeup

Compact mirror, Hair ties, Bobby pins, Comb, Oil-absorbing sheets for underarms, Nailfile, Q-tips, Moisture-proof hairspray, Tissues, Makeup setting spray with sunscreen, Lipstick, Waterproof mascara, Eyelash glue, Eyeliner, Foundation, Translucent face powder, Eyebrow pencil, Tweezers, Drinking straws.


Cufflinks, Lint roller, Shoeshine towelettes, Translucent face powder, Chapstick, Comb, Deodorant, Toothpicks or floss, Extra black socks, Handkerchief or tissue, See also miscellaneous list.


Fake wedding ring, Identification, Phone charger & cord, Cash & credit card, Hand fan, Pens, Lighter, Printed phone numbers, Itinerary, Wedding vows, Toast script, Scissors, Rubber bands, Flashlight, Batteries.

For a print version, click here.

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