The International Flavors of Los Cabos – Talking to an Executive Chef

People can be forgiven for expecting the top chefs in Los Cabos to all be from Mexico. While many of them are, a number of highly acclaimed professional chefs, from all corners of the globe, choose the tip of the Mexican Baja as home. The win-win here is that every imaginable cuisine, fusion, flavor and […]

Music to our Ears! An Interview with a Los Cabos Wedding DJ

Wedding receptions include many rituals and traditions, but they most often include a meal, music, and dancing. Los Cabos destination weddings are no exception to this general pattern. In times past, the traditional wedding dances that were performed had cultural or spiritual significance to the couple. Weddings nowadays include more of a “freestyle’ dancing experience, […]

Destination Wedding Makeup & Hair Primer – Interview with an Expert

Few wedding day preparations are more personal than makeup and hair. There is usually no other day in a bride’s life she will want to shine more than on her dream wedding day.  But how does this process work for a tropical destination wedding? Are the advance preparations different than for a local wedding? How […]

Cabo Destination Wedding Photography 101 – Our Interview with an Expert

One thing our couples are always asking us about is how to plan the photography for their big day, especially for their destination wedding photo shot lists. We have a pretty good idea but wanted to provide the most accurate information possible, especially for brides or grooms planning a Cabo wedding. We are privileged to […]

SWEET! Why We Love Wedding Dessert Set-ups

Wedding food & beverage menus require a great deal of thought and subsequent decision making. Not only are there endless choices for types of wedding foods and beverages, the presentation and types of service must also be considered. Just Desserts Let’s narrow it down to choosing the dessert treatment for your destination wedding reception. The […]


Our wedding planners and design architects at Del Cabo Weddings only curate custom weddings for our couples, but listen to look to trends for fresh and fun ideas. Right now brides who are more than a little obsessed with Baja Style, and we are experts at creating this look exactly to your vision. Here are […]

The Cabo Guide to Choosing Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

So, you found the perfect Cabo destination dream wedding dress, something light, flowy, sexy, elegant, sophisticated and comfortable. Now you need to find dresses for your girls! No matter whether you have 2 or 20 bridesmaids, finding dresses that fit your style vision and flatter each attendant can be quite a challenge.  When you were […]

Our Top FAQ: What Exactly Does a Wedding Planner Do?

Q: What exactly does a wedding planner do?  A: We make sure every person, vendor, flower, item, is at the right place at the right moment. We are the middlemen.  We worry about vendors setting up, centerpieces arriving on time, directing guests, and setting up everything so you don’t have to. We always begin by getting to know […]

Best Tips on Choosing Cabo Destination Wedding Decor

TIPS FROM CABO WEDDING PLANNING EXPERTS Many couples have a vision of how their dream wedding ceremony, reception, and other events will look. Often, this vision is literally like a dream, romantically blurry, beautifully heartfelt, but not overly specific or detailed. Transforming this hazy dream into a perfect, bespoke reality is one of the most […]

The Ultimate Cabo Destination Wedding Timeline Checklist

More and more couples are choosing the dreamy sea breezes and romantic settings of Los Cabos for their destination wedding. With the speed of life nowadays, it’s easy to see how the idea of an escape to more laid back and mindful environs is tremendously appealing, and planning a wedding in Cabo is a great […]