3 Easy Ways to Add Elegance to a Beach Wedding

Just because brides flock to Cabo in droves for the beautiful beaches, it doesn’t mean you have to have a “beach wedding.” When you hear “beach wedding,” you may think flip flops (or even bare feet), tropical flowers, short flowy dress. Great, if that’s what you are looking for. But rest assured, if you want a beach wedding AND an elegant wedding, you can have both in Cabo. Here are 3 tips on how to have an elegant beach wedding:

#1 Stay off the sand (but still have an amazing view of the crashing waves).

There are several easy ways to do this. Book a venue that has a patio or terrace overlooking the ocean. Some even have grassy areas right next to the beach. Or build an amazing T-shaped walkway that takes you from a path onto the beach to your ceremony area. Keep on your amazing heels and never touch the sand!

#2 Start your ceremony later.

Most people want a sunset wedding at the beach. Photographers and wedding plannners will tell you to start your ceremony an hour before sunset (defined as when the sun hits the horizon), which is best for photography. But for the most elegant ceremony, you actually want the sun to be setting, going down behind the ocean, behind the horizon, so that your candles and your ceremony lighting actually twinkle. Set your ceremony a bit later, use tons of candles, and do your photography before the ceremony. This will be truly elegant and your sunset dreams will come true.

#3 Find elegant linens and chair covers and use them throughout…for both the ceremony and the reception.

Nothing so easily adds elegance as a jaw-dropping tablescape. Your choices here will affect the whole elegant ambience of your event. Use metallics throughout for a beautiful accent, and make sure your tables sparkle. Same for your ceremony chairs. It’s easy to think these are just for a short period of time so why invest in them…but trust us, your ceremony set-up (which will include a lot of chairs) is the first thing your guests will see. Make your chairs dazzle for your special day and your whole ceremony will be glamorous.  Check out one of our beach decor mash ups!

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