How to Trash the Dress, 22 Ways, Cabo Style

Trashing your wedding dress is a trend that if you indulge in, will shock your mother, who will declare you are robbing her future granddaughter the joy of wearing her mother’s wedding dress. Don’t even think about what your grandmother will say… No matter the objections, dress trashing may just be on it’s the way to becoming a new tradition that speaks to the impermanence of material things, and the importance of having fun and making great memories.

We challenge you to find a place with more dress trashing potential than Los Cabos. With dozens of magnificent beaches, fantastic sea life, gorgeous weather, and extreme sports opportunities, you, your new spouse and your photographer can have a field day.

Most of these activities are suitable for either a scared-stiff beginner or seasoned thrill seekers, but one thing is sure, that dress will definitely never look the same!

Beach UTV or ATV

Zip through rocky canyons and beaches on a Utility of All Terrain Vehicle, cross the Los Cabos Canyon Bridge which is 1,082.67 feet long, 6.56 feet wide and 164.04 feet above the ground at its lowest point. That will blow your hair (and dress) back.

Beach Sand Frolic

Pick a beach, any beach, grab a friend with a shovel and bury each other in a paradise backdrop. Not up for the burying metaphor? Build a sandcastle or model of your digs!

Bungee Jumping

Imagine a glass-bottomed gondola that is hanging 300 feet above a deep canyon floor. Hey, I thought you weren’t supposed to look down! Anyhow, this is definitely a dress trasher…

Camel Riding

Yes, you read that right, and something tells us this will do your dress trashing proud.

Cliff Jumping

Los Cabos has a few areas where you can dive off the side of a rocky crag into water; you may have to venture into a desert oasis a little ways away, but you will love it.

Crazy Clubbing

Okay, this is an easy one, we know. We just wanted to highlight all the nightclubs in Los Cabos, and they do vary. Ask us for a recommendation based on your level of cray-cray…

Creature Cuddling

Wild Canyon features a rescued animal sanctuary with exotic critters from around the world. Pet, feed, bond, hug kiss and roll around at your discretion. More the rescue type? The Los Cabos Humane Society will welcome you!


Yes, this one may seem a touch tame, but just go hunting for your ball in the bramble, hang off the cart and there you go, dress be trashed. Cabo features numerous world-class golf courses with stunning views.

Horseback Riding

How many romantic visions include a fabulous long dressed woman riding a beautiful steed on a heavenly beach? Quite a few, we think…

Jet Skiing

This is a real fast-track to trashing the dress! Zip along the waves drinking in the fabulous scenery and if you’re lucky, you might see some Whales, Dolphins or Manta Rays.

Paint Ball

This is a good one for those enamored of color, and lot’s of it! Ask your wedding planner to recommend a good Paint Ball company in Cabo.


This is where you get in a boat where you then strap into a kite. As the boat accelerates, up you go. Prepare for the fantastic scenery and, bonus, you and your new spouse can go together in one kite.

Scuba Diving

Why not share your wedding bliss with some incredible undersea life? Numerous great diving spots abound in Los Cabos, and even beginners can choose a dive master who will provide a lesson before the dive.

Sling Swinging

Remember the glass-bottomed gondola? Imagine you and your spouse will free fall and start swinging in a pendulum of a 240-foot radius at 140 km/hour. Epic.


The younger sister version of diving, snorkeling is another excellent way to see undersea life that doesn’t require tanks or training.

Sport Fishing

If your fishing experience has been on a lake in a rowboat you will discover that sports fishing for 300 pound Marlin or Tuna you will understand what extreme sports is.

Stand Up Paddling

“SUP” as it’s called around here is a great way to glide over the Sea of Cortez, get fit, enjoy sea life, drink in the gorgeous views, and ruin your dress.

Swimming with Whale Sharks

If you plan your wedding between November and March, you can swim with Whale Sharks, the largest shark on earth. Although they can grow up to 60 feet long, most of the Whale Sharks around here are juveniles, averaging 22 to 32 feet in length. You will love these gentle giants!

Waterfall Showers

Yes, Los Cabos does indeed have waterfalls! You will have to travel an hour or so, but you will also be able to Cliff Dive in the same area. Ask your wedding planner for details.

Waterpark Adventure

There are a couple of waterpark features in Los Cabos, on up in the Canyon and one right next to Medano Beach, Cabo’s busiest beach.


If you prefer a more posh dress trashing experience, yachts of every size and lavishness level are available for a breezy sail on the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific Ocean.

Ziplining, Day or Night

This is not for the faint of heart, the zip lines have guests hanging more than 300 feet above ground and zip in total 2,673 feet – almost the length of eight soccer fields!

If that’s not crazy enough, there is also a Los Cabos night zip line tour that takes place once a month during the full moon. Imagine the clear and unforgettable view of the stars, without any interfering light pollution.

With the prospect of this many dress trashing activities on top of all your destination wedding plans, it’s best to consult with a seasoned Cabo Choyero to decide how to best mess with the dress!


Fabi Rosas, @fabi_rosas_photographer


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