10 Best Bridesmaid’s Gifts – No Affiliate Shopping Links, just our Honest Opinion!

Most brides provide their bridesmaids with thank-you gifts even though there is no formal requirement for it. Typically your besties will lend a hand in many different ways, from taking the time for numerous dress fittings to organizing the bridal shower or bachelorette. In the case of destination weddings, they often take time from work and pay for travel and accommodation as well. 

If you do decide to offer a token of your appreciation, your personal style and budget will determine whether you choose the same gift for all or a personalized gift for each. As well, some gifts on our list enhance having fun as a group, others are more individually oriented. 

Your gifts can be presented in different ways and at different times. The bridal shower is an excellent time if you are giving the same item for all, whereas the rehearsal dinner on the eve of your big day can be an excellent time to take each one aside and offer their personal gift with a heartfelt thank-you. Depending on the individual, you may ask them to keep the nature of their gift between the two of you.

It seems there are as many ideas out there as there are stars in the sky, and most bridesmaid gift lists you will find exist to promote a merchandise affiliate for profit to that site. Although there are some beautiful items to be had that way, we wanted to give you our authentic opinion from planning and participating in hundreds of destination weddings over the years. Ready? Here we go…

1. Personalized Jewelry

Topping our list is a classic – a keepsake piece of jewelry to wear on your big day and for years to come. Necklaces with are always lovely, as are friendship bracelets, bestie bangles, and personalized lockets. Destination weddings in Cabo often inspire the wearing of anklets to show off on the beach as well.

2. Pyjamas or Kimonos

Matching loungewear for your bridesmaids, personalized or not, can make a cute photo-opp for your wedding album. T-shirts or long button-down shirts are cool, especially if you coordinate with your wedding color palette. It may be tempting to get super lightweight fabrics to wear in the warm Cabo climate, but your hotel rooms will be air-conditioned so don’t fear regular weight fabrics!

3. T-Shirts

Speaking of attire, we’ve seen many super cute personalized t-shirts on the bride to be and bridesmaids. They are often worn first for the bachelorette party (speaking of which, we organize many of) and later during wedding recreational time.  It’s always fun to see all the gals stepping off their flight decked out for the festivities.

4. Travel & Tote Bags

Speaking of travel, practical items such as travel/tote bags make a great gift, especially when personalized. Choose a style to meet your tastes – from light and beachy to classic and elegant, your girls will use these for years to come. We’ve seen the addition of tumblers (also personalized) and/or flip-flops that all coordinated and looked amazing.

5. Yoga Travel Mats

If you’re like us, starting the day with some yoga really helps keep life “flowing” nicely. If your bridesmaids feel the same, choose lightweight travel yoga mats that fit comfortably in luggage to keep the gang inspired and centred!

6. Electronic Aids

Everyone needs reliable electronics, and your bridesmaids are no different. Consider getting them an external charger and some international calling credits for their phones. Once you determine their phone styles, custom phone cases can be the icing on the cake!

7. Bridesmaid Baskets

Choose baskets (on-trend with your wedding style) to fill with self-care items such as fragrant soaps, clay face masks, bath bombs & oils, lip balms, essential oils, herbal teas, wine, and/or beautiful stationery. Include a hand-written thank you note asking them to treat themselves to peace and relaxation.

8. Survival Kit

Every wedding comes with the potential for mini-disasters for the wedding party, trust us on this one. Consider getting each bridesmaid a stylish make-up bag (often a clear plastic easy-searching style) filled with any emergency supplies that could be needed. For a comprehensive list, see our survival kit blog.

9. E-Readers

One of the coolest bridesmaid gifts we have seen were e-readers. If your gals are bookish, consider one of the many types of e-readers out there so they can choose a new title instantly to relax and get lost in. We love the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, (no affiliation kickback!) which reads like a regular book on the beach or poolside with no glare or reflection – perfect for Cabo!

10. Experiences

Rather than a physical gift, some brides choose to gift their gals with spa treatments, boat trips or other adventure experiences like parasailing, scuba diving, surfing, or one of the many other fun pastimes to be had in Cabo. One bride we know gave a donation to a charity that was dear to each one of her girls, in their name, and provided the donation certificate with a thank-you card. A great experience in giving for all.

There are many ideas we could list, but these are our current favourites. Have you seen some cool ones? Let us know, and we’ll add them to our list!


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